1. Comfortable shoes (preferably with ankle support).

2. Loose, older clothing(long sleeves, long pants)-- Layering the clothes helps protect your bod and gives you the option of taking stuff off for comfort.

3. Bring lots of water, healthy snacks to keep up your energy, mosquito spray and don't forget a Camera!!!

4. It is also a good idea to bring gloves--mini gloves -- the mechanic gloves work great! They protect your fingers from getting scratched or hit by paint. A baseball cap or toque should also be brought as it helps protect your head and keeps the masks nice and tight.

5. We provide full faced goggles, Tippmann Custom 98 markers (semi-automatic),
No Flak Jack body armor and full supervision at all times.


Birthday / Private Groups / Team Packages
Sports teams will need to prove that they are in fact a sports team by bringing a team picture with the players in their jerseys and a roster that can be left with us for our records.

Birthday packages require proof of ID,
and must have play time within 5 days before or 5 days after the birth date.
* referee included
* Complimentary use of Barbecue -- bring your own snacks,
drinks, cake and all the fixin's and have the whole party right on site.

(If you intend on drinking, please bring tents. We let our guests pitch tents overnight for FREE)

Private parties
Bachelor parties,? Company outings? Just call us, and we will make the arrangements.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spirit Fire Park on Facebook!

Spirit Fire Park, is an institution for camping, theater,
art classes, and PAINTBALL!!


There are three leagues at Spirit Fire Park!
Ladies Only (14+ years old)
Youth league (14-17 years old)
Weekend Warriors (18+ years old)

We have a speedball court, and four forts, towers, and all sorts of defilades; supporting various types of challenging woodsball competitions.

Spring Singles - May 23rd
Sadie Hawkins - June 26th
5 Player Team - July 24th
Fire team Partners - August 28th

The ONLY way to receive emails from the team leaders is to register this facebook group!!


Everyone is welcome to come camping
and cheer on your favourite player!